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March 27, 2017

Post-Brexit Milestones: what happens after Trigger Day?


Our Brexit team have previously shared what we felt could be a workable draft Trigger Letter for the UK Government. We’re now following this up with a comprehensive Brexit milestones timeline which we hope you’ll find invaluable to plot out the process over the next two years. We view the document as live and evolving so we’ll look to update it on a monthly basis and share each edition with you. Clearly the process is fluid so applying a structure is difficult. Additionally, the process has been described by many as being the UK’s largest challenge since World War II. We have therefore attempted to set out red lines from the UK and EU Institutions and also how Member States and European elections could intervene and dictate the pace.

Events will obviously shape the Brexit milestones process whether they’re unexpected election results or national events that carry political ramifications. The only certainty is that our pan-European Brexit team at Instinctif Partners will be here to help explain the impact on your organisation.

Click the image to view our full timeline.

Post-Brexit Milestones

To view our timeline in printable format, please click here.