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December 1, 2017

Our Weekly Newsletter


At Instinctif Partners’ Financial Services Team we constantly keep our eyes peeled for the key developments taking place in the financial services space, evaluating their impact on the many businesses we represent. Here we share our picks of the week’s most interesting news, as well as our expert views.

  • Simply does it when it comes to communicating economics

The Bank of England is stepping up its efforts to improve people’s understanding and trust in economics. Part of the shift will entail revising the way the Bank communicates by simplifying its reports, blog posts and other statements – making them more accessible to all. From Financial Times, 27 November 2017

  • Smarting up smart beta

Smart beta – as a marketing concept – has taken the investing world by storm. As investment managers put money into funds that track indices based on factors other than companies’ market capitalisation, those who missed out on lucrative business in ETFs are being given the chance to catch From Financial Times, 27 November 2017

  • Brexit to boost product innovation?

Pension providers suggest that Brexit will bring about a ‘golden period’ for retirement income products. But three years after pension freedoms promised exactly that, advisers feel let down at the lack of innovation so far. From New Model Adviser, 24 November 2017

  • Fintech firms broaden UK SME exporting horizons

Fintech solutions are allowing UK small businesses to go further, faster and break the constraints of physical borders. Services like complex money transfers that were once the preserve of large companies are now available to SMEs, offering them more than traditional banks, according to this article we helped place for our client WorldFirst. From The Mail on Sunday, 26 November 2017

  • Evolution not revolution

Technology is taking centre stage as capital markets firms strive for better performance. With the big bang approach of yesteryear failing to deliver results, investment banks and asset managers are considering a new evolutionary approach to overcome challenges and future-proof their organisations. From The International Business Times, 28 November 2017

This week we attended the Financial Services Forum event on ‘Draining the brand development swamp’. Speakers included brand strategists from companies such as BlackRock and AXA, who shared their insights on how to cut through jargon and make financial services brands resonate.

The following are the key takeaways from the session – from a communications perspective:

  • Don’t get too fixated on internal workings, e.g. message houses, onions, prisms or values, and keep an eye on the bigger picture. Only the outputs matter and are redundant if never activated
  • It is vital to build a simple brand vision and ambition of where you want to get to. This creates relevance to the outside world and without it, makes developing broader positioning and delivering a successful earned media campaign much harder
  • For a vision to work it needs top down implementation. A CEO is its most important custodian and must live and breathe it across everything they do
  • Accept that not everyone within an organisation will buy into the importance of investing in building a brand. You can’t please everyone

And for those interested in building their brands, Instinctif Partners will be hosting its very own event. Come join us for a free breakfast on ‘Thought Leadership: What It Is and What It Should (Never) Be’. It will take place at 9am on 10 January 2018 in partnership with the Financial Services Forum. Just RSVP to to book your place.

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