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May 4, 2018

Our Weekly Newsletter


Across Instinctif Partners’ Financial Services team, we are always keeping an eye on the key developments taking place across the sector to evaluate their impact on the many businesses we work with. Here we share our picks of the week’s most interesting news, and our expert views.

M&A Bloodbath on the Horizon

Rising costs, increased competition and a sluggish economy are creating a new wave of challenges for UK ‘challenger banks’ trying to take it up with high street incumbents. Reports suggest it is “almost inevitable” that some of them will combine, as it might be the only way to shoulder the cost of having a banking license. (From the Financial Times, 30 April 2018)

Mifid II Puts Managers in Tricky Spot

The regulatory uproar caused by Mifid II continues this week with a push for managers to publicly disclose their trading relationships. Fund managers may face tough conversations with some brokers over the coming weeks. (From the Financial Times, 30 April 2018)

IFAs Against Crypto Investment

According to a recent survey by ThinkCoin, one in seven Brits are considering an investment in a virtual coin – a figure close to the 17% who are currently investing in the stockmarket. But the enthusiasm is not shared by financial advisers who say they “wouldn’t touch them with a barge pole”. (From Professional Adviser, 30 April 2018)

Spotify Unlocks Economic Potential

Central bankers seeking to understand what is really happening in the economy might want to check data on music downloads from Spotify. The way people use the app, in tandem with semantic search techniques, provides an indicator of people’s sentiment. (From The Guardian, 1 May 2018)

Brain Hacks to Save More

Those with trouble managing money seemingly have a flaw in common: they are all human. Psychologists have shown that many people do not understand the increasing detail financial products come in, simply because they grow more complicated by the day. But there is a solution, and it is a simple trick. (From Quartz, 1 May 2018)

Should we stop comparing ‘Baby Boomers’ with ‘Millennials’?

Ahead of the Resolution Foundation’s ‘Intergenerational Commission’ study coming out on May 8, this question shows that things might have perhaps been oversimplified, conveniently ignoring wider nuances at play. Many have been quick to demonize the Baby Boomers’ generation as profligate, as they have gained the most from unprecedented rising house prices and defined benefit pensions. Conversely, it is also not hard to find criticism directed at the most self-interested ‘snowflake’ generation who are spending too much money on avocado toast to save for a mortgage.

Truth, Instinctif Partners’ Market Research and Insights arm, recently held a talk where they challenged these generational assumptions outright. They highlighted that it is often impossible to draw meaningful conclusions from analysing an entire generations where similarities are often few and far between.

According to their findings, it might be best to drop the ‘Gen’ talk, to get more valuable insights.

Though there is a lot to be said about the challenges different generations face, it might be worth taking a step back to see what are the driving factors behind more specific age groups and how can this insight then be translated for businesses looking to better engage with key customer segments and build a meaningful relationship while providing tailored services.

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