Public Policy

June 30, 2017

Her Majesty’s Government Wallchart


Following the General Election on June 8th, the Prime Minister carried out a reshuffle of her Ministerial team. It was, of course, more limited at both Cabinet level and amongst the junior Ministerial ranks than would have been expected if Theresa May had won the big majority she was hoping for. These Ministers have a tougher job than usual; not only will they have to steer through legislation in a Parliament where the Conservatives do not command a majority in the Commons; but of course the Queen’s Speech carries greater significance this time because of the number of Brexit related bills the Government wants to pass.

With that in mind, we’ve updated our clear and accessible Government Wallchart to help you make sense of it all.

The chart includes comprehensive information on:

• Final list of Cabinet Members and attendees
• Complete breakdown of Ministerial titles within each Department
• Full details of Privy Council Memberships and cross-departmental roles.

The wallchart is designed for best use in hardcopy, A3 format (click here for a printable version).

govt wallchart