Public Policy

August 9, 2019

The Johnson Government’s policy priorities


During the campaign for the Conservative Party leadership, Boris Johnson set out plans for an ambitious programme of tax cuts and investment. Now in office, Instinctif Partners takes a look at which policies the Boris Johnson Government will take forward. In addition, we consider the priorities of Johnson’s new team of Secretary of States, and review which of Theresa May’s policies the new administration will keep and which of her Government’s policies have been, or are likely to be, dropped.

We have not included below Boris’ strategy of reiterating that the UK will be leaving the EU on 31 October and to seek a renegotiation with the EU on getting a Brexit deal by this date, since the headlines are well known. Clearly, however, the success or failure of this approach will guide whether his Government is able to implement its domestic agenda.

What is clear is that the measures announced so far (funding for transport projects, capital funding for the NHS, energy price cap) are populist in nature and will help the new Prime Minister to campaign in any short-medium term General Election, should it arise.

Boris Johnson Government August 2019

Boris Johnson Government August 2019 2