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April 5, 2019

J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference: The Mood Music Insight


With political uncertainty looming over both sides of the Atlantic, the future of the healthcare industry is more blurry than bright.

The 2019 San Francisco-based J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference (‘JPM19’) continues to illuminate developments within the sector, with an estimated 40,000 life science executives rubbing shoulders, to discover industry trends and to pursue their agendas. It is ultra-speed-dating for the business professional, requiring long days, long nights and super stamina.

At a joint Instinctif Partners and One Nucleus event, we assessed the ‘Mood Music’ of the event by putting a range of questions to our panel of JPM attendees – Mike Ward (Informa Pharma Intelligence), Madeleine Armstrong, (Vantage), Kevin Johnson (Medicxi), Peter Pack (Crescendo Biologics), Andy Richards (Congenica) and Nooman Haque (Silicon Valley Bank), chaired by Sue Charles, Instinctif Partners.

Topics included whether JPM was still the must attend event – a question which split the panel from the very start. Also, how essential the meeting was to signing deals or was it more important just being seen to be there, to stay on the BD lists. Finally, whether the discussions in San Francisco set the agenda for the life sciences sector for the coming year.

Whatever the conclusions you might draw yourself about JPM, Andy Richards summed it up perfectly, likening it to the “Total Perspective Vortex” from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – so vast an occasion that no individual could possibly experience it as a whole”.

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