Public Policy

April 26, 2019

Instinctif Partners EU Elections Newsletter…4 weeks to go!


Welcome to the Instinctif Partners EU Elections Newsletter brought to you by our team in Brussels!

Starting from today, every week we will update you on the upcoming elections of the European Parliament, which takes place on the 23rd-26th May. We will be sharing the latest EP seat projections, an overview of running MEPs, background information on the potential President of the European Commission and political parties’ manifestos and much more to provide you with a better understanding of the impact of the EU Elections on your business.

Read the full election update here

Of note, coming up on the 29th April is the Maastricht Debate 2019 with the lead candidates of the major European political parties for the role of European Commission President. The 90-minute event will be broadcasted live across the European Union.

Enjoy the reading and do get in touch with should you require further information.