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May 17, 2019

Instinctif Partners EU Elections Newsletter…1 week to go!


Welcome to the Instinctif Partners EU Elections Newsletter brought to you by our team in Brussels!

The European Parliament elections are taking place in less than 10 days (23 -26 May). All adult EU citizens are called to elect a total of 751 Member of the European Parliament which will be representing the interest of more than 512 million people from 28 member states.

The last European elections in 2014 were the largest transnational elections ever held at the same time. This time the stakes are even higher. By voting, you help decide what kind of Europe we have in the years to come.

Every Friday, we will update you on the upcoming elections by sharing the latest EP seat projections, an overview of running MEPs, background information on the potential President of the European Commission and political parties’ manifesto and much more to provide you with a better understanding of the impact of the EU Elections on your life and your business.

Read the full election update here

Enjoy the reading and do get in touch with should you require further information.