Group Insight & Research Instinctif Partners

March 5, 2020

Our insight into the changing landscape of climate change and what brands should (or in many cases should not) be saying about it


We started this research having discovered in our own client insight studies that people believe companies need to be playing a bigger role in addressing climate change.

Yet while the perceived need was there, it was clear that there was doubt and cynicism around what companies are actually doing, and how much of it is greenwashing. With the fundamental question remaining: was anything really being achieved?

The premise that climate change has the potential to reframe the role of the company in our society – and create new opportunities and threats to our corporate landscape – lies at the heart of what we set out to investigate in this research.

Our aim was to understand how people are responding to climate change, to better understand what companies need to do to bring them on their sustainability journeys with them.

We hope that this report provides you with some thought-provoking insights and implications.

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