July 31, 2019

Innovation Inspiration


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Facebook is in decline, and has been for years 
Various reports have suggested that Facebook usage has been in decline over the past few years. Facebook have attempted to recover this with features such as Facebook Stories, but have had limited success. The research warns that if enough users keep sticking to Instagram and/ or WhatsApp, the core Facebook app could enter a self-sustaining decline that cannot be undone.
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FaceApp: Netherlands police backtracks over calls to delete it
The Dutch police warned people in a Facebook post against using the age-filter app, FaceApp. They said that the Russian app was not safe as it would not be bound by European privacy law. The police have since backtracked on the post, as some of the information in the post was proven to be false. FaceApp has claimed that they’ve never transferred data – it is all stored by US-controlled cloud computing services provided by Amazon and Google.
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Twitter’s retweet inventor says the idea was a ‘loaded weapon’
Developer, Chris Wetherell, the man who came up with Twitter’s retweet button, has admitted that he had not anticipated how it would change the way the platform would be used. Before the retweet button, people had to copy and paste Twitter copy and type “RT”. Adding the retweet button enabled a lot of content to go viral and this included aiding the spread of fake news. Twitter has recently announced that a user can now retweet with a comment and retweet separately, instead of doing one or the other.
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Pinterest launches new mobile ad tool to help create campaigns on the go
Businesses of all sizes will be able to reach Pinners and measure the effectiveness of their campaigns through streamlined targeting options on their mobiles! Before this new option, businesses had to use desktops to set up their campaigns. This new mobile functionality became available in the US last week.
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LinkedIn will now offer a ‘services’ option for freelancers and SMEs
The professional network is rolling out a new option which will allow freelancers and SMEs to list out their services on their profile, and also allows them to be found within search results. This will help these individuals and smaller organisations become more visible on the platform.
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Top Tips For Audience Mapping

Thanks to advances in data and technology, audiences now expect the interactions they have with brands online to be clever, informative and, where possible, personalised.

How can brands achieve this? First, and foremost, brands need to understand everything possible about their audiences so that they can provide them with content that’s going to resonate, build affinity and drive the audience to action. Read on for our top three audience mapping tips:

1. One element of audience mapping doesn’t necessarily need any data or advanced analysis. Take a step back and think about your audience: Who influences them? What are their pains points? What do they want, or need? What do they feel? How can you help them? Think this through and plot their journey to your end objective (whether subscribing, calling or simply engaging with your brand).

2. Think about the data sources already at your fingertips. Is there any internal company data that provides an overview of the target audiences from previous activity? Are there independent reports about this demographic online? This data may be able to help with audience segmentation, prioritisation and content ideas.

3. Use advanced social monitoring tools to understand which channels your audience spend their time on, what kind of content they engage with and what kind of themes and subjects, linked to your brand, are most likely to resonate. Our Innovation team has a suite of tools designed for advanced audience analysis – please speak to a member of the team if you’d like to find out more.