August 20, 2019

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The Innovation team at Instinctif harness the best of the future to deliver market-leading ideas in the present. The team’s specialism spans digital strategy and marketing, data & analytics, and strategic brand. This fortnightly update shares top tips to help you foster creative and challenge the status quo and summarises the news that matters.

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Instagram is launching a new option for reporting misinformation 
With the spread of misinformation on Instagram, the platform is adding an option for users to report posts that they believe to be false. Any content that is rated as false will be removed from Instagram’s “explore” tab and hashtag search results.
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Twitter begins testing its new direct message search tool
Twitter is currently testing a search bar for direct messages. At the moment, it’s quite limited and only allows users to search by a display name, and not the message content. The feature will be available to selected users on iOS and the web.
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British Airways will give you VR for in-flight entertainment 
The airline announced last week that they will start offering VR headsets in a trial to select passengers (those travelling first class from London Heathrow to JFK in New York). This will enable flyers to watch movies or engage in ‘therapeutic’ VR experiences.
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WhatsApp issue lets users manipulate chats 
There is evidence to show that WhatsApp is being manipulated in group chats. Check Point Research has found that people can edit someone’s reply, giving them the ability to make it look like they said something different to what they actually said. A spokesperson from the platform claims this has “nothing to do with the security of end-to-end encryption, which ensures only the sender and recipient can read messages sent on WhatsApp”.
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Facebook is working on a dark version of its Android app
Facebook appears to be developing a ‘dark’ version of its Andriod app, designed to relieve eye strain caused by staring at a blindingly white screen. As of March, the messenger app currently has a dark version, but the main app has been missing this.
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