Public Policy

December 6, 2016

The future of the rail network


Compiled by Kat Derschewsky

Prior to publishing the details of a new strategy for rail, UK Transport Secretary Rt Hon Chris Grayling MP today announced his rail reforms.

In line with previous comments regarding the continued need to deliver efficiency savings, incentivise greater collaboration across the industry and requiring future operators to have a broader skillset than pure rail companies to meet the increasing complexity of rail franchising, Grayling’s reform go beyond the Shaw Report recommendations to change the structure of Network Rail, taking forward proposals set out in the 2011 McNulty Review.

Driven by the need to adapt and change the UK railways to cope with growth, beyond current investment in additional capacity and rolling stock while, as has become the DfT’s new mantra “putting the passenger at the heart of things”, Grayling’s reform plan entails five elements:


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