Public Policy

March 20, 2019

‘Future of mobility: urban strategy’ – Are you in the UK Government’s fast lane for the transport revolution?


With an ambition to put Britain at the heart of the next mobility revolution, the Department for Transport has set out its proposed approach to enabling the uptake of new technologies in towns and cities across the UK. The ‘urban strategy’ sets out the Government’s 9 principles for facilitating innovation and brings together existing policies with new proposals to invest in R&D and trials and review outdated transport regulation.

Whilst the strategy has been widely welcomed following a period of alleged sluggishness of UK policy development, we’re not likely to see an overnight transition to multi-modal smart cities. Driven by multiple public policy objectives and stakeholder interests, the Government – in its conservative (small ‘c’) nature – is clearly less inclined to adopt a radical approach. As such, it has set out a strategy that is underpinned by multiple principles with reviews and further testing to come. Indeed, since the publication on Tuesday (19 March) there have been reports suggesting that the Government is already downplaying its proposals in areas such as e-scooters. And, with Government and Parliamentary time set to continue to be dominated by Brexit, regulatory and legislative change will likely be slow.

It is therefore vital that mobility disruptors proactively engage Government, making the case for their proposition at an early stage and ensuring that, as the Government puts the meat on the bones of its policies, it is a priority. This will be particularly important for those offering niche modes and models of transport who will need to work even harder to be considered (and ultimately promoted) by Government.

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