Public Policy

September 28, 2018

Conservative Party Conference Fringe Guide 2018


Instinctif Partners’ 2018 Conservative Party Conference Fringe Guide is your insight into the most important policy topics and challenges shaping this year’s conference. Our guide takes a look at which politicians and influencers are most in demand, or are most eager to work the fringe. We also highlight the key policy issues and pick out our top ‘must see’ fringe events exploring the Party’s transport & infrastructure, health, energy, housing, tech, financial services, education, and sustainability policy.

With the Conservative Party fractured by Brexit, and with talk turning to leadership challengers and contenders, the fringes offer an insight into the Party’s thinking on the major domestic policy questions facing the UK today.

Predictably, Brexit dominates across all policy areas, with many fringes focused on the risks and opportunities that it presents to the various sectors. Elsewhere, broadening the Conservative Party’s appeal remains high up the agenda, allowing the various camps to put forward their vision for the future of the party.

And, perhaps in an indication of how far the leadership and membership have drifted, Ministers appear at very few fringe events this year. Indeed, the fringe speaker schedule largely comprises backbenchers keen to make an impression – Nicky Morgan and Jacob Rees Mogg are both in the ‘top 10’ for number of speaker slots.

The Instinctif Public Policy team will be in Birmingham for the Conference, to bring you key insights and analysis. Please email if you’d like to schedule a meet up in Birmingham or London following the conference.