Public Policy

December 31, 2018

Code of Conduct for Lobbying in Ireland to bring in the New Year


This January 2019 will see the launch of the Irish Standards in Public Office Commission Code of Conduct for Lobbying, underpinned by the Regulation of Lobbying Act 2015. The aim of the Act was to ensure that lobbying activities are carried out in a manner which do not inhibit democratic process and since the launch of the Lobbyist Register in Ireland in September 2015 more than 1,700 individuals and organisations have registered and over 24,000 returns of lobbying activities have been submitted.

The introduction of the Code of Conduct is the latest step in the regulation of lobbying in Ireland. It appears to emphasise the importance of transparency and integrity when conducting lobbying activities and sets out eight principles to ensure ethical and honest lobbying is the norm, namely:

  1. Demonstrating respect for public bodies;
  2. Acting with honesty and integrity;
  3. Ensuring accuracy of information;
  4. Disclosure of identity and purpose of lobbying activities;
  5. Preserving confidentiality;
  6. Avoiding improper influence;
  7. Observing the provisions of the Regulation of Lobbying Act; and
  8. Having regard to the Code of Conduct.

Instinctif Partners welcomes the introduction of the Code of Conduct which we believe will effectively help ensure the integrity of our sector and promote transparency across the industry.  The Code, which will come into effect on 1 January 2019, will be reviewed every three years, in keeping with scheduled statutory reviews of the Act.  For further insight into obligations for firms involved in lobbying in Ireland, feel free to contact us here.