Corporate Public Policy

March 31, 2017

5 things communicators need to know about Brexit


There’s been a lot of new faces in our London office this week as budding communicators from all over Europe have descended to #EuroComm17.

Over the two day conference, Instinctif Partners Senior Managing Partner Warwick Smith delivered some key insights in his session, Brexit – What communicators need to know? And what better timing for some much need clarity around this very complex area. You can see how the live session went for yourself here.

We have summarised the five key learnings from his session here:

1. Get to grips with the Brexit process

What does the landscape look like? Article 50 was published this week but what is the path ahead? What plans does your business have in place to react to each stage in the Brexit process? Have you considered all the possible outcomes?


2. Know the players

Social media lends itself well to identifying, following and monitoring the movements and conversations of key players in real-time, enabling us to understand their motivations and political agenda.  Look at what the key players in your arena are talking about on Twitter and other channels, and understand what drives their conversations.

know the players

3. Be aware of the priorities

What are the priorities from both the UK and the EU?  What might the agreement look like? Will we even come to an agreement?  These priorities are a precursor for the motivations behind the communications of each of the key players.

be aware of the priorities

4. Keep the timescales in sight

Are you sure of the Brexit timeline when it comes to negotiations, major events and announcements across the European Union?   How will you update yourself and relevant teams as events evolve and shape negotiations?  What impact will these events have on your current communications plans?

Our Brexit timeline brings you the insight from our partners agencies and European offices across the continent.


5. Make sure you are heard and influential

The key is getting to grips with the processes and priorities, so that you are informed enough to make risk assessments, provide clear insight and advice to your key stakeholders. Then,  it is about preparing, influencing and engaging with your key stakeholders.

make sure you are heard and influential

If you’d like some more advice on how to guide your business through the uncertainty, please contact our Brexit team.