Public Policy

October 27, 2017

Brexit Milestones: “Sufficient Progress”?


Despite Theresa May’s and David Davis’ best efforts, “sufficient progress” has not been made in Brexit negotiations. Or at least that was the view of the European Union’s chief negotiator, Michel Barnier. His recommendation was enough to convince the leaders of the European Union’s 27 other Member States and for them to rule out moving to the next stage of negotiations. The negotiations appear to be bogged down in the issue of a Brexit Bill and the role of the EU Court of Justice post-Brexit. Some in the UK are now calling for a clean break and the Government have admitted that preparations are being made for a ‘no-deal’ scenario.

And yet, the European Council have announced that “internal preparations” will begin for the second stage of negotiations and some Member States are beginning to look at what sort of future trading relationship they want.

And so, with the Brexit negotiations looking more confusing than ever, we thought it would be helpful to update our Brexit milestones timeline to help inform you of where we are in the process, what is coming up and how this may impact on what kind of Brexit we finally see.

To view the full timeline, click the image here: