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July 24, 2017

Brexit Milestones: A Post-UK Election View


Over a month has now passed since Theresa May made the biggest gamble of her career, and formal Brexit talks are now well underway. And so, as the post-election dust has settled and EU and UK negotiation positions have now been published, we thought it would be helpful to update our Brexit milestones timeline to help inform you of where we are in the process, what is coming up and how this may impact on what kind of Brexit we finally see.

May went into the General Election asking for a bigger mandate with which to enter the Brexit negotiations, and yet ended up losing her majority in the Commons. Some remainers celebrated what they thought to be the derailing of Brexit, however the pro-Brexit parties between them won over 85% of the vote. What we have seen are greater efforts by Government to listen to what sort of Brexit business and key stakeholders want to see, but little seems to have changed in the overall direction of travel. However, there could yet be more bumps in the road, highlighted in our timeline, and these may yet knock the Brexit timetable off track.

Ironically, what has changed, with no domestic pressure, is that the UK has agreed to the EU’s timeline for negotiations – divorce first, new relationship after. Our timeline now features when the two phases of Brexit negotiations are meant to be completed. However, we have also picked out the key UK, European and global events that may well shape the Brexit negotiations and timetable.

To view the full timeline, click the image here.

brexit milestones

As ever, the only certainty is that our pan-European Brexit team at Instinctif Partners will be here to help explain the impact on your organisation.