Building business resilience: risk, issues & crisis management

Our Optic Tools

Our unique, powerful and fast diagnostic tools will help you measure your organisation’s ability to respond to a crisis.

Findings are presented on a secure online dashboard, along with your overall score. Combined with our short, tailored report on recommended activity, you can focus resource where it matters most to strengthen your preparedness and management.

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CrisisOptic provides an accurate indicator of strengths and weaknesses enabling you to quantify your crisis capability against international best practice, including BS11200:2014, a global standard for crisis management. CO

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RecallOptic enables you to quantify your product recall preparedness against international best practice, including ISO 10393:2013E for consumer product recall, BRC Global Standard for Food Safety (Issue 8), and BRC Global Standard for Consumer Products (Issue 4). RO

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CrisisCommsOptic allows you to quantify your crisis communications readiness against industry best practice. CCO 2

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ESGOptic gives companies the ability to benchmark their current performance and recognise opportunities for future sustainable growth.

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Find out how we make business resilience instinctive; from identifying and understanding your risks, to tackling your issues and managing crises.

Watch our short animation below for a perfect introduction to the benefits of CrisisOptic, RecallOptic and CrisisCommsOptic:

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