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Instinctif Partners Brussels is a leading European public affairs and strategic communications consultancy that distinguishes itself in the marketplace with its honest and candid approach to the complex world of European public policy. We pride ourselves on our ability to work with clients to promote their business interests and improve their competitive advantage. We are specialists in communications, influence and engagement, experts in telling stories so powerful and compelling that they demand a change in behaviour, emotion, and perception, whatever the audience. Our Brussels office provides a wide range of services in the public policy space, from basic monitoring to strategic advice, coalition and association creation and management, media relations, crisis communications support, event management and training.

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Our Services

Public affairs, media relations and strategic communications


In today’s world, effective communication with political leaders and the public are critical components of any company’s success. We can develop integrated communications strategies based on rigorous analysis and execute campaigns to ensure that your voice is heard in the European political arena as well as in the media and in the court of public opinion.

European public affairs


Our consultants are experienced in direct and indirect interactions with government, political institutions and decision-makers to achieve a defined regulatory or legislative result or as part of wider communications strategy. Our sectoral expertise ranges from health care to agriculture, aviation, chemicals, consumer products, energy, financial services, food, media, online platforms and services and telecommunications. Much of that knowledge is easily transferrable to other sectors when the priority is understanding and navigating the EU’s corridors of power.

Media relations


The media are often called the “fourth branch of government” after the executive, the legislature and the courts. You can win in one arena but still lose in the other. Our team offers deep expertise in European media relations based on first-hand experience covering the European Union and specific sectors as a journalist as well as leading in-house corporate communications teams. We can help you design and deliver stories that will resonate with your target audiences.

Strategic communications


The best ideas are wasted if they are badly timed, badly articulated or miss the bigger picture. We can help you define powerful, unique mission, vision and messages. We can also help with research, message development, storytelling, and media and public speaking training as well as events and pro-active campaigns across all channels and multiple countries.

Crisis and change communications


We have deep experience in crisis preparedness, crisis management, crisis communications and change communications and can help you prepare for and master the most challenging situations.

Public affairs, public speaking and media training


We regularly provide bespoke public affairs and media training for clients in a wide range of sectors. They range from crash courses in How Brussels Works and Why the EU Matters to bespoke media training and public speaking training for specific campaigns and occasions. Working with our own team and external trainers, we can satisfy almost any European public affairs and communications training needs.



Events are an effective way to build your reputation and promote your brand among your key stakeholders. Our expertise in organising and managing events enables us to develop and execute bespoke solutions to meet your needs, providing effective communication and interaction with key political and business leaders and the media.

  • Public affairs, media relations and strategic communications
  • European public affairs
  • Media relations
  • Strategic communications
  • Crisis and change communications
  • Public affairs, public speaking and media training
  • Events



In Brussels, we are a leading public affairs consultancy that distinguishes itself in the marketplace with its unique approach to the complex world of European Public Affairs. Part of a public policy practice including Dublin, Berlin and London, we provide a tailored public affairs programme to clients across a range of issues. IP Brussels is one of the few offices to have its own research and monitoring team to support client demands. Our top practitioners have deep experience in EU affairs and work directly with clients in a mutually collaborative environment.

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