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Fisch Asset Management

FISCH ASSET MANAGEMENT – How do we build your reputation as a leading authority in your field?

Fisch Asset Management wanted to build a reputation for themselves as an investment boutique asset management firm, and a leading authority on fixed income and convertible bonds.

In London, we have increased awareness of Fisch with key Pan-European media positioning the business as a leading independent investment boutique, leveraging its reputation within the convertible bonds market, whilst raising awareness of its broader product range and international growth strategy. In Riyadh and Dubai, we have worked closely with Fisch’s Head of Portfolio Management, Philipp Good, demonstrating thought leadership on regional macro trends, particularly credit analysis for Gulf sovereigns and corporates.

Fisch Asset Management has become a go-to resource for expertise on global fixed income and convertible bonds. Their outreach has grown a long way from their established base in Zurich and the business has clear momentum as it embarks on an exciting new phase of its growth trajectory in 2017.